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Plaid is focused on democratizing financial services through technology. We build beautiful consumer experiences, developer-friendly infrastructure, and intelligent tools that give everyone the ability to create amazing products that solve big problems. Plaid helps you safely connect your financial accounts to the apps and services you love. We were founded on the principle that consumers have a right to their financial information. Consumers decide where, how, and with whom it’s shared. That’s why every Plaid product is built with meaningful control and security in mind.

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Security Portal Updates

Renewed Certificate of Insurance (Cyber) Now Available

GeneralCopy link

A renewed Certificate of Insurance (Cyber) for Plaid Inc. is now available. Click here to request the artifact.

Published at N/A

New Plaid SOC 2 Type II Report Now Available

ComplianceCopy link

Plaid's updated SOC 2 Type II report is now available.

Our new SOC 2 Type II report, covering a 12 month period ending in October 2023, is now complete. The report also reflects the integrated control environment of Plaid API products, including Identity Verification (IDV), following acquisition of Cognito in Q1 2022.

For those interested, all relevant documents can be downloaded from Plaid’s Security Center at this link.

Published at N/A*

Plaid is Unaffected by the MOVEit Vulnerability

VulnerabilitiesCopy link

Earlier this summer, Plaid Security was made aware of a vulnerability that could potentially affect those using the MOVEit Transfer software.

Plaid does not use, nor has ever used, MOVEit. As such, Plaid is unaffected by this vulnerability.

Published at N/A*

Identity Verification and Compliance Platform SOC2 report now available

ComplianceCopy link

The latest SOC2 Type 2 report for Identity Verification and Compliance Platform (previously known as Cognito) is now available in our Security Trust Portal Click this link to request access.

Published at N/A

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